3 Important Questions About Fire Alarm Service

Things You Should Know Before Installing a Fire Alarm System

Most homes have fire alarms. You can check yours by taking a look at your smoke alarms. In case they’re not there; take a look at your smoke alarm batteries. If they need to be replaced, then it’s time to hire a fire alarm service. Aside from the obvious threats of fire and smoke, there are other dangers like electrical shocks from malfunctioning wires that can also put you in danger, too. To keep your home safe, we’ve listed the most important things you need to know before installing a fire alarm system.

What Are the Different Types of Fire Alarms?

There are three types of fire alarms available for residential use today, each designed to detect a different type of fire. Delayed action smoke alarms detect smoldering fires and sound an alarm that can slow a fire’s progress. Flame alarms detect a flame or naked flame and immediately sound an alarm. Lastly, dry chemical and CO alarms detect both smoke and a chemical agent and sound an alarm.

How Often Does It Have To Be Replaced and What Are The Signs That It Should Be?

Dry chemical and CO alarm batteries are replaceable once every 3 years. Replace the batteries in smoke alarms within 30 seconds of hearing the alarm sound. If you have smoke alarms without batteries, replace them as soon as possible. Smoke alarms that have either battery or pull-chain indicators must be replaced every year. In case you’re still unsure, contact professionals.

How Do I Make Sure That the Alarms Are in Place Properly?

If you have smoke alarms, place them high and in multiple locations. If you have dry chemical or CO alarms, make sure the canisters are at least 6 inches above the floor and out of direct sunlight. If you have delayed-action smoke alarms, make sure they’re at least 4 feet apart in the same room.

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