3 Suggestions for Your Fire Sprinkler From a Fire Sprinkler Service Expert

Keep Your Fire Sprinkler System in Great Shape

Fire sprinklers are an essential element in all public buildings and businesses, but they are rarely used. To stay operational, your facility requires regular fire sprinkler maintenance and inspection. Not only is it required by law to have a functioning fire protection system in your business, but you will be very glad you kept up with your fire sprinkler maintenance when you do need it. A fire protection system that does its job decreases the likelihood of injury and property damage.

Our fire sprinkler service experts have a few suggestions on how you can keep your fire protection system in great shape.

Remove Coating from Sprinkler Heads

Never paint over sprinkler heads. This could potentially block water flow and interfere with the heat sensor. Save your heads from accidentally being painted by gently covering them while the area is being painted. You will have to remember to remove all protective coverings when finished. Dust and debris can also be a problem for heat sensors. If you work in an old building or are renovating, dust may be more of a problem for you.

Move Anything Blocking Sprinkler

Move any obstructions away from the path of the fire protection systems. This includes things like tall furniture, d├ęcor, and other high objects. Large objects impede the flow of water and it cannot reach all areas of the room. You must maintain 18 inches of separation vertically from the sprinkler deflector to the top of an obstruction using control mode sprinkler heads.

Keep Control Valve Open

One major thing you need to keep track of with your fire sprinkler maintenance is whether the control valve is open. It always needs to be open for it to do its job. It controls the water flow to the system. If it is closed, your sprinklers will not get any water and essentially be useless. Keeping track of those authorized to touch the valve will help limit the number of people who can accidentally leave it off. It is also a good idea to lock your fire protection systems control areas to prevent any tampering.

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