4 Summer Fire Safety Tips From a Fire Protection Service to Enjoy a Safe and Fun Summer

Enjoying a Safe and Fun Summer

Summer is here, and with the Fourth just around the corner, families and friends are getting “fired up” for summer with BBQs, campfires, and other fun seasonal outdoor activities. While these are all great ways to bring folks together, safety needs to remain the number one priority. Whether it be barbequing, enjoying fireworks, cooking s’mores or using candles to keep the bugs away, here are the top 4 summer fire safety tips from fire protection service experts to enjoy a safe and fun summer.

Grill safely

Always use your grill outdoors, keeping it away from siding and deck railing. For gas grills, check the gas supply line for damages and replace it, if needed. If you are using charcoal, use an electric or chimney lighter that allows you to use newspaper rather than lighter fuel. Always wait until your grill cools completely before putting it away, especially if you use a grill cover.

Be careful with outdoor fireplaces and candles

Make sure that there are no structures, low tree branches, or other flammable overhead obstructions near your tiki torch, candle, or campfire. Keep fires small, away from dry grass and leaves, and at least 10 feet away from anything else that can burn.

Always keep kids and pets away from fire

Keep kids and pets away from campfires, fireworks, candles, matches, and lighters. Avoid playing games with flying objects like baseballs, basketballs, or plastic discs anywhere around the grill, torches, or candles.

Never leave any flame or fire unattended

Whether you’re grilling, using a fire pit, or toasting around the fire, never leave any flame or fire unattended, and put out any fire before you leave it.

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