Choosing the Right One for Your Fire Sprinkler System Installation Project

Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Most structures these days are equipped with fire sprinkler systems. And you’re making a good decision if you’re considering having one installed on your property as well. But what are the options anyway? No worries as we’ll answer that exact question here. Below we share the best options that you have for your fire sprinkler system installation project. Read on!

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System: Simple and Reliable

The wet pipe fire sprinkler system is the most common and straightforward type of system used in both residential and commercial properties. It is designed with pipes constantly filled with water and connected to individual sprinkler heads. When the sprinkler heads detect heat, they automatically release water onto the affected area, suppressing the fire effectively.

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System: Ideal for Low Temperatures

Unlike wet pipe systems, the pipes in a dry pipe system are filled with compressed air or nitrogen. When a fire occurs, the heat triggers the sprinkler head. This will release the air pressure, allowing water to flow through the pipes and onto the fire.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System: Double-Layered Protection

Do you need an additional layer of protection for your property with high-value assets or sensitive equipment? Then this system is for you. It requires two separate events to activate the sprinklers. Firstly, a detection system, such as smoke or heat sensors, identifies a potential fire. Then, the release of water is manually triggered, ensuring that accidental activation is minimized.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler System: Rapid and Intense Response

Deluge fire sprinkler systems are suitable for properties where a rapid and intense water discharge is necessary to combat fires. These systems have open sprinkler heads. It will release water simultaneously when triggered. If you have chemical storage facilities or power plants, then this is your best choice.

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