Fire Alarm Service Tips

What’s Included in Fire Protection Servicing?

So, you contacted a professional fire alarm service and had a system installed, and it is ready to begin effectively protecting you and the property. This early warning system allows safe and timely evacuation, and will greatly reduce the damage caused should a fire ever break out. Your fire alarm is a vital part of your safety. You need to be able to trust it in case a fire breaks out.

Maintenance Is Needed

It is easy to just forget about the fire system once it has been installed and assume it will continue to work in the event of a fire. Maintenance is needed to ensure this early warning detection system remains in good working order. A properly maintained fire alarm system will keep the occupants and property safe. It will also reduce the number of false alarms that could occur. This is why you must use a fire protection service at least twice a year.

When Should an Alarm System Receive a Service?

The efficiency of an alarm system is not only a legal matter. It could also be the difference between life and death. This is why maintenance is important. There are two different inspections that must be carried out. One by the user, who is responsible for the system, and one by the fire alarm service engineer.

Weekly Check By the User

Testing the alarm every week makes sure that the system and all components are still in good working order, and that there is no problem with the signals being received by the control panel. Usually, one manual call point should be tested every week on a rotating basis; once they have all been tested, the cycle will simply start over again.

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