Fire Sprinkler Failures That Every Fire Sprinkler Service Can Handle

The Leading Causes of Fire Sprinkler Failure

Commercial fire safety is a top priority. The potential damage caused by fire affects many business owners. Business owners invest in the best fire protection services to ensure the safety of their employees and business assets. Unfortunately, a fire sprinkler system may fail due to unexpected errors or circumstances in rare cases. Sprinkler system failure is unlikely if they are well-maintained and inspected regularly by certified professionals through fire sprinkler services. However, if sprinkler system maintenance is neglected and the sprinklers are not used for an extended time, there is a greater risk that the sprinkler system will not function properly. Here are some causes of commercial building fire sprinkler failure.

Not Enough Water Supply

If the valve is turned off during routine system maintenance, building construction, or the repair of a plumbing leak and a fire occurs on the premises, sprinklers may fail. Although it is unlikely, if the wet fire sprinkler system does not receive enough water supply to extinguish the fire, it could result in catastrophic loss.

Frozen Pipes

It is a common issue with water-based sprinkler systems. If the temperature falls below a certain threshold, the remaining water in the sprinkler pipes may freeze. It may cause the pipe to burst, resulting in water damage. The sprinkler piping should be kept at or above 40°F according to guidelines to prevent the valves from freezing.


Corrosion is one of the leading causes of sprinkler failure. Corrosion in the sprinkler system’s external and internal piping may occur as a result of long-term exposure to various environmental factors. It may cause leaks or cause the valve to become stuck. If signs of corrosion appear during regular inspections, a sprinkler system must be replaced because it can impair the sprinkler system’s performance during an emergency.

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