Fire Sprinkler System Installation for a Safe Property

Keep You Safe From Fire!

In the case of a fire, sprinkler systems protect lives. A well-maintained fire sprinkler system, along with other active and passive fire prevention systems, can assist put out flames and smoke while slowing the spread of the fire. This will minimize damage and provide everyone time to safely evacuate the building before emergency services arrive. Here are the most popular kinds of fire sprinklers to pick from for your fire sprinkler system installation if you’re unsure which system is best for your property.

Dry System

Sprinkler systems with dry pipes do not keep water in the pipes. They substitute nitrogen or compressed air instead. The sprinkler system is activated, nitrogen is released, water pours into the pipes, and rain falls over the flames if the system detects a fire. This is frequently the best option for homes in extremely cold areas where there is a risk of pipes bursting.

Wet System

These are conventional home fire sprinklers, which spray water onto a fire to reduce or douse the flames. Each sprinkler head in a wet system is activated separately, delivering pressurized water wherever the system detects heat.

Deluge System

Deluge systems are more appropriate for industrial buildings than for private residences. The sprinkler head itself does not have a heat sensor in this dry pipe system, which is constantly open. It requires an outside heat sensor to turn it on. When turned on, all sprinkler heads simultaneously release water.

Pre-Action System

Another type of dry pipe sprinkler system is the pre-action system, which enables the system to be turned off in the event of a false alert before the water supply begins to spray. Water fills the pipes first, and then each sprinkler head is manually turned on. For homes, a pre-action system is not the best option.

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