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The Best Type of Fire Sprinkler for Your Commercial Space

It can be challenging to install new fire sprinklers or replace old ones. Even though different fire sprinkler heads are built for various situations and uses, all types of fire sprinklers are very similar to one another and must be carefully chosen. There are many different kinds of sprinkler systems available on the market. Which is ideal for your commercial structure? You better consult a professional fire sprinkler service provider to help you select the right type of sprinkler for your building.

Here are those differences:

Dry Type

This is the most common type of sprinkler. They are also called “non-returning.” Their design is not complicated, so they can easily be installed and maintained. They are less expensive than the other types. They will spray water on the ceiling because they are not designed to put out fires.

Meadow Type

This is another popular sprinkler system, especially in commercial areas. They are made of two parts, a lower that is installed on the lowest part of the building, and a cover that is installed on top of it. When there is a fire, the cover will be removed for safety reasons, and the water will be released.

Associate Type

This kind of sprinkler is used in high-risk areas, such as the roof and the higher floor. Drip irrigation is used to water these sprinklers. Since the water drips slowly, it is less likely to cause property damage.

Time-of-Use Type

This kind of sprinkler is also called a demand-type sprinkler. Its function is to open and close automatically, depending on the time. They can put out the fire as early as possible. As the name implies, they are used in areas that have an electricity supply. But since they need an electricity supply and time to work, they are not used in areas that have no power supply.

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