Important Notes to Learn if You Are Planning to Hire a Fire Sprinkler Service

The Pros and Cons of Each Type of Fire Sprinkler

The most effective method for putting out a fire is to use water. The use of water is far more effective than the application of chemicals. However, in order for it to be successful, it requires a proper application. If you are planning to hire a fire sprinkler service in the future and are interested in learning more about the many types of fire sprinklers, the following are some of the differences between them:


Pressure sprinklers are low-pressure devices that use a water stream that is generated by the pressure of the water supply and will not be dependent on the water pressure. They are most suitable for use in commercial premises, high-rise buildings, and other locations with low water pressure.


A liquid fire sprinkler system is at the top of the list. These sprinklers, which are also known as concentration fire sprinklers, utilize water under pressure that has been mixed with chemicals that, when exposed to a source of heat, cause the chemicals to undergo a chemical reaction. The ability of liquid fire sprinkler systems to detect even the tiniest sparks and then swiftly deliver the water needed to extinguish a fire is one of the systems’ primary benefits. The drawback is that they are more sensitive to variations in pressure and cost than the materials that they are comparable to. This makes them more expensive.


Pressurized water that does not include any chemical components is used in dry fire sprinkler systems, also known as non-reactive fire sprinkler systems. Liquid fire sprinkler systems use this reaction to put out fires. They rely on the water itself to create the reaction. The drawback to dry fire sprinkler systems is that they are more sensitive to pressure changes and require a more delicate installation technique.

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