Primary Fire Protection Tips

Ensuring Your Home Is Fire-Protected

There’s a reason fire protection measures are taken in residential construction, and it’s not just so you don’t have to deal with a fire breaking out during the night and filling your house with smoke. The suppression systems, in addition to sprinkler coverage, were put in place so that if a fire did break out, it would be put out before it spreads to other parts of your home. An experienced contractor will be able to quickly assess your situation and provide you with any necessary fire protection measures. Here are the top three tips for ensuring your home is protected from fire:

Prevent Smoking

As unpleasant as it may be, there’s no getting around the fact that smoking indoors is the leading cause of house fires and the second leading cause of fire deaths. The best way to prevent fires caused by smoking is to keep people and pets away from the area where the smoking is taking place. The same can go for the kitchen, garage, or any area where smoking is permitted.

Use Fire-Resistant Materials

Don’t use any material that burns easily or is flammable. For instance, don’t use drywall in a bedroom, as it doesn’t breathe well and will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Make sure that you use fire-resistant paint on your drywall, and, if you’re building a new home, use fire-resistant materials in the foundations, walls, roof, and drywall. Many materials can be used, but they will have to be fire-resistant.

Have your Sprinklers Functional and in Good Working Order

Another fire protection tip is to have your sprinkler systems functional. Make sure to test them regularly and keep them in good working order so that they can detect any potential fire quickly and put it out before it can spread to other parts of your home. Having a functioning sprinkler system can mean the difference between life and death, so do your best to make sure it’s always in good working order.

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