Typical Fire Sprinkler Head Types Used in Fire Sprinkler Service

Varieties of Fire Sprinkler Head

If you’re thinking about fire sprinkler service, you start to see sprinkler heads everywhere! Perhaps you have a new construction project or a retrofit that you know must be completed quickly or you work in the industry like us. Once you start seeing them, you’ll realize how many different fire sprinkler heads there are those you always see popping out of ceilings and fire sprinkler pipes. Here are some of the common fire sprinkler head varieties:

Upright Fire Sprinkler Heads

Much like their name suggests, upright fire sprinkler heads point upward, not downward like a pendent head, out of the top of the sprinkler pipe. They are sometimes employed to get around any design obstacles in the building or room because they are above the fire sprinkler pipe, and they are also better protected from dust and ice build-up.

Concealed Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are concealed by concealed sprinkler heads, which have a recessed design and a decorative cap or cover. When appearances are important and prominent fire sprinkler heads might detract from the formal appearance and aesthetics of an office building, conference room, or other facilities, this style is used.

Pendent Fire Sprinkler Heads

Pendent fire sprinkler heads hang directly down from the sprinkler pipe and are most likely the most popular form of the sprinkler head. They are widely used for a purpose because they are incredibly effective at evenly dispersing water. Once installed, dangling fire sprinkler heads are still visible, albeit the manufacturer and model may differ in terms of aesthetics, ‘obtrusiveness,’ and how much of the frame is exposed.

Sidewall Fire Sprinkler Heads

Sidewall fire sprinkler heads are situated on the wall, as their name might imply, rather than from the ceiling. These sprinklers can be recognized in addition to their placement by a half-moon, or solid rectangular, deflector that corresponds to their purpose. They are most frequently utilized when ceiling fire sprinkler piping is unavailable or when other types of sprinkler heads are hindered by impediments. Fire sprinkler heads for sidewalls are frequently made to fit in hallways and other small, cramped areas.

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