Your Great Options for Your Next Fire Sprinkler System Installation

3 Different Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are different types of fire sprinkler systems. To know more about these, and to know what will be the best one to install on your property, you need to read the following. Keep in mind that fire sprinkler systems are not meant to save you from total damage or destroy the fire. What they are really designed to do is to protect the property by reducing the fire damage or preventing it from spreading to other parts of the property. The following are the variations that you need to know before a fire sprinkler system installation:

Aquifer-Based Fire Sprinkler Systems

These are the closest to traditional fire sprinkler systems. The difference is in the water source. This system uses water from an underground source such as a well. These sprinklers are cost-effective and can be installed in different areas.

Centralized Water Systems

This is a more modern system. Centralized water systems come with a control panel and a valve which you will have to install on your property. They also come with an automatic backup system, which is totally reliable. It is similar to the natural water-based fire sprinkler systems. These systems use water from a central water source. This is more reliable and will save you money since you won’t have to buy and install a water supply system.

Copperhead Fire Sprinkler Systems

These systems make use of pressured water that comes from a copper tube. The water originates from the fire sprinkler and will flow through the copper tube before being distributed to the region of the building that requires it the most.

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